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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Don't Underestimate the Power of Microsoft Word | Tip for BE Students

Common Man on Earth And Common Software in Computer
A few things we've been doing completely wrong ever since we've used Microsoft Word.

Most engineering students are required to make reports for seminars, projects, visits and et cetera. I've observed that most of us don't make the complete use of this powerful tool that Microsoft has built.

BLC: Be Lazy when You're on the Computer
I remember the days when I used to refrain from using cut, copy and paste with a notion that it would be cheating :-P. That did had a few good effects though it may appear to be puerile. After having typed millions of words and publishing a couple of research papers I was fortunately enough to learn about this powerful tool. This software is a masterpiece and is being a common man in the lives of many, almost a part of every office, institute, etc.

Lets start by discussing each of the tabs available in the software:

The Home Tab:

Frankly we all see this and use it daily but our access is limited to the font, paragraph and Clipboard section only. Only a few put the styles section to use. 
This style section provides a great comfort to provide the to hierarchically formulate the data. I strongly recommend learning and using this tool as after having your document structured by using the styles feature you can get the index made for free. I've seen students and seniors scrolling up and down, to manually make the index. Word does it for you! no need to do it manually. Just be a little structured in your documentation.
Check out the video above and learn how simple it becomes to complete the document using the styles feature. 

The Insert Tab:

There's nothing special I could share about this tab, most of us I've seen use it efficiently.

The Design Tab:

There's nothing special I could share about this tab...

The Page Layout Tab:

There's nothing special I could share about this tab...

The Reference Tab:

  This is the most useful and interesting tab if you're into research and report making. It's my personal experience and I know how painful it is to specify the citations or works that you've referred while working on your project. This tab simply makes it easy for you to add citations and references to your documents. All you need to do is add a few sources by clicking on the add citations button and then fill in the data that appears in the drop down list and boom! you're done. Just as you add the citations you can add a bibliography at the end that could be called as the reference section of your document. The bibliography provides different formats such as IEEE, etc. all you need to do is add the citations and then add the bibliography word will do all the formatting for you an also auto-update the references section as you keep adding up the stuffs.

  Table of contents: Remember that in the early stage of the document I'd specified that you should use the styles feature, here is why and how you can make the table of contents for free without wasting time sorting down the text and filling pages manually. Go to the section where you want to add the table and click on the button, Boom! you're done as you add more titles and headings they'll be updated with the page numbers in your documents relieving you from the manual labour of adding the titles and modifying the page number manually each time you make a change.

  If you've published any research paper you'll know how the reviewers knock out your thesis for small stuffs and one such is the Image captions, this tab simplifies that task as well and don't forget the freaky tables where we never applied any description such as Table 1, etc. The buttons on this tab also make it possible for you to automatically generate a list of figures and list of tables as required while making the black book in BE. 

The Mailings Tab:

  Seriously! even I haven't used this tab much but would love to learn more about this feature. I'd tried using the mail merge and had printed a couple of enveloped using this tab. Found it very useful and would like to have more information on it.

The Review Tab:

  I just love this feature....
Have you ever collaborated on any document? You might be aware of how painful it is to modify text and intimate your co-workers about the changes you've made and leave your comments for his understanding!
We work in teams and certainly most of our projects require us to make add text which are interdisciplinary so what we do is connect our PCs on network and work on the same documents, keep adding comments making modifications and later just click on compare and Boom! the two documents are merged into one and word is very smart to highlight the modifications made by you and the modifications made by other person, it also highlights the deletions and additions.   
  Later when you're on the completion phase you can use the accept and reject buttons to analyse and manage the outputs. It becomes extremely easy to manage the document if you're having too many collaborators.

The View Tab:

   This tab includes stuffs that could make it comfortable for you to make the document easily like you can create two or more windows of the same document, supposedly if you're working on page 3 and want to refer page 10 of the same document this feature comes to a great aid.
   I use this a lot when I'm using two screens, I open one window in one screen and the other in the second screen. Then it's all available to make the modifications and get the information. 

These were a few tips that I wanted to share with you'll and would be glad to learn more such techniques you'd applied...

With this...

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

MindMup | Mapping Your Concepts, Projects, Events and Et Cetera!

 JCB: Just A Clear Brain is What You Need!

As said, most of us are keen on planning stuffs but as we get deeper into the depths so is our chances of drowning into the stuffs and getting overwhelmed by tasks. At such times it is important that we know how our brain functions and how to optimize the memory hardware we've been blessed with. Just as a computer functions, the more you load its RAM with objects and stuffs it has to remember it becomes laggy and tends to have more glitches than ever. So it is better that you to have something 'hardcopied' in front of your eyes, stuffs that you actually see and remind yourself off!

But Again getting it 'hardcopied' won't solve much of the problem as just simply written text is much time-consuming when it comes to analyzing it, I've been using the concept of brain mapping since a couple of years (in short since I joined Engineering :-P, not before that) and it has revolutionized the process of concept development.

I basically use the tool MindMup, its a freely available tool on the Internet.
I draw down the ideas and connect them with one another specifying their relations like family tree, predecessor and successor. 

Check out the Map Below:

Zoom or pinch the screen to get detailed exploration

This was the map that I developed while we working on an equipment development that could surpass Total Stations (a versatile survey equipment) in its utility and functionality.
What I did was just broke down the initial concepts that evolve from its parent node "Stakeout360" as seen in the dark blue colour. After that we had a few parts branching out and we kept on developing means to get our task accomplished and since there were a number of methods to triliterate and find the positions we kept on probing on each method on one time and until they were reached to a dead end. In this way we had a comparison available before us.

It was extremely helpful in working on this concept and we used different colour codes such as green and red to specify items of higher concerns or priority.

The best part is, Its Interactive!
You can expand or collapse any branch you'd like!

We use it for a number of process such as follows:
  • Research Work
  • Event Planning
  • SWOT analysis
  • Semster Planning
  • .....and a lot many that we don't remember at the moment :-].
So you might want to see a video on How I applied that technology!
Check out the window below:

As I'd mentioned I use MindMup for Event Planning, Here is a small glimpse of an event that I'd planned using MindMup
(I know its not built for this purpose though!)

So your brain is like a factory of ideas and its your job to keep space clear for it to continue production!

Now that You've read this far, I guess you might like to try it out yourself.

But before you do that!
Check out this Video that my Canadian Friend Steve Made about MindMup:

This is how we implement this tool and would be glad to know How you'd use the tool in your applications.

With this....

Check out the Latest Research Tab on this Blog, Comment where it takes You to.....


Monday, 31 July 2017

What does money means to me?

Money is an instrument of negotiation using it one can negotiate his/her lifestyle, emotions, comfort & his community.

Humans need one another, we're living in an area where people work only in fields of specialization, unlike the early ages where men used to do their own stuffs like grow food, etc. Later trade developed and the barter system came into action, man was relieved from the stress of doing each and every task. Eventually due to a few flaws in barter system the concept of currency came into fields existence. Now we live in the Age where virtual currency is evolving, yet the basic purpose of the concept is just to facilitate trade.

What does money means to me? Every time I recieve money I get a decking feeling which I bet would be equivalent to the feeling our ancestors felt after having independence from the long British rule.

Why freedom? Because where I live, very low opportunities evolve for making an infomercial. Part-time jobs are a real mess and paid internships don't exist simply making it impossible for students to make their own source of funding and make them become more dependent on their parents. Above all this if you're a student of OPEN category then you're financially doomed, the government thinks of you to be the son of TATA, BIRLA & AMBANI and the system is so designed that you have to pay a lot.

My father earns a sustainable income yet as we're from an OPEN/GENERAL category much of our income goes away as we don't receive any type of subsidy or scholarship, another though oppression on the honest tax payers of India. On the other hand I know a few of my friends who have a way better status and income yet just because they have a document claiming their caste benefits. Even though they don't qualify for it through merit somehow they get admissions on a low score, how stupid!

It's been a recent experience of mine, being an open category student things are difficult for you than others. The engineering syllabus teaches you a lot but not the necessary skills. The coaching and classes for further education is too costly and difficult to manage while having the other expenses over head. June is a month full of stress as I'm supposed to pay a fees of Rs. 1 lakh and certainly it's beyond my purchasing power, yet my father won't compromise with the scene and he somehow makes an adjustment for the fees, in the aftermath of the payment I've seen him dealing with the financial crunch and difficulties in business.

The previous year I was qualified for the international UG Fellowship, it was a program that I'd be glad to get into and be a part yet as I was dependent I couldn't make it into. Though I calm down myself with an affirmation "If not this time then at a better position next time. " Though it temporarily gives me a relief but soon after a day or two I'm again confronted with the sad reality. I just couldn't get into the program because I didn't had money to pay, it demanded around Rs. 1.5 lakh + other expenses and it was a time when when I'm not able to pay my college fees. So I simply dropped the idea.

If only we'd had I the money, I could have the experience of learning that is really to a an opportunity appearing for a few.

You see people in India run a number of NGOs but I've observed a sad truth about and it's preference to documents over the appearance/appeal. We live in a country where documents could be easily faked, so simple it is to make an income certificate of Rs. 50000 per annum and own an IPhone 7+, isn't it interesting? The government either keeps such loops on purpose or they're just out of common sense for the people who design the system. Recently I've been denied of a scholarship and certainly I'm used to that sort of behavior from all ends.

My father earns a good fortune, but you can't become rich by just earning. He never compromises with the educational expenses of me and my siblings, sadly the burden of OPEN Category has taken a toll over his financial situations as well, all I wish now is to get a degree, get into a good job and assist my family in managing their expenses. Work until my siblings get the quality of education my father gave me and then earn a savings for my self to complete my Masters and carry out the dream Research projects which I've just snoozed like an alarm ⏰ clock.

In plain words money is just an instrument of negotiating emotions...

I really dream of building a foundation for students of OPEN category who're denied by this reserved system and fund their education and help them in research ventures once I'm having a good fortune at my disposal.

Until then I'm grateful for what I have (Alhamdullilah) but certainly a human emotion to desire for good and better always puts me into depressed state, may Allah ease our difficulties and bless us with a good here and the hereafter...

Have Takwa and tawakkul, believe in Gaib. Miracles could happen anytime and anywhere, it is Allah who controls the good and the bad!

Ja Mata ne!



Saturday, 8 July 2017

Run As Date | Extend the License/Trial Period of Almost All softwares

Crack Open Applications

This is a simple tool using which one can Extend the validity of a software License or trial period of the software. Softwares before starting perform a check over the clock and determine whether to execute or not and in many circumstances it has been found that by changing the time that is the date of your PC you can execute the software as it would execute normally on the previous date. This is a simple trick that is used by most people like Chemist, Librarians, storekeepers, etc. to use the software they purchased earlier to manage the licensing costs. Though it creates a difference in the entries like their dates are distorted which they end up managing by a little calculation manually or by using excel.

Its simple you'll have to give in a little amount of efforts to save your pennies, but there are a few people who are way lazy, they are the lazy innovators it can be assumed that the developer of this software tool would've been frustrated playing around with the clock of the PC.

Its simple, this tool just creates a change in the time of the PC that is applicable to the software or program you select in its environment. In order words you're making the Program believe that it is opened on a different date but the date on your PC's clock remains same. So its simple logic instead of changing the time for the entire system why not change it for a few seconds till the program verifies the license and trial conditions and then revert back to the original status!

You May Click here to visit the Developers website to download the software

Its having a very simple environment and doesn't consume much of the resources of your system check out the video below to learn more on how to use the tool!

 Please note that we do not promote piracy and copyrights infringement, we are aware how much it takes to develop a single software. But considering our economic conditions we believe its certainly impossible for students to purchase software that cost more than their gross income.

Here are a few steps you can do to stand legally strong:

  • Go Open Source: There are a number of free alternatives available for almost all types of applications, these do not require any license and are maintained by the community.
  • Use Student License: This is applicable only if you're a student, almost all big developers like Autodesk, Space GASS, Mircosoft, Bentley, etc. provide a student license for educational purposes. You can find more details about it on their website.
  • Develop You Own Using Open source codes: These a great scope in this if you're good at coding and logics source codes or programing tools are freely available on websites like GitHub, etc. Once can study and develop their on tools, though its a great pain and take a lot of effort.
Hope you find this post useful, please comment below about your experience dealing with licenses...

At this stage even I use a few pirated software but I have committed myself that one day I shall purchase the license and make payments for the software's I'd used!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Trello: Organize Your BE Project | Best Group Project Management Platform

Life Is Simple, Just get a bit  organized and you’ll learn how!
Having loads of task done is difficult and on top of it to maintain a team to get it done moves the entire project to a whole new level. In this age where everything is on the internet it would be a wise decision to implement technology to achieve this task that men frequently seem to fear.
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce before you a tool that I’ve been using since a few months. I would like to thank My Friend and partner in a number of my experiments Mr. Irfan Jamadar (AERION) to perform as a beta tester for this this tool as well.

     A free tool available for android as well as Window/Mac, etc. is extremely useful to organize your works and assign tasks to your teammates and get the works done more efficiently and in an effortless manner. It is based on the concept of white board where you can simply add lists, by just drag and drop you can assign the task to member, keep a general list, etc. this software is just so much vague that its application is diverse in nature. Try it yourself!
We’ve been personally using the platform as an android app as well as on PC and found it to be greatly assistive in our tasks
Checkout the following Videos to learn how you could efficiently use trello for your project and other tasks:

Thanks for reading hope you found it useful...
Please leave your comments below..


Plan B | What if I couldn’t make up for the Final Year

    Planning for the worst case scenario and keeping a positive attitude is an essential quality.
The P's in Life..
Positive approach and plenty of plans.
Alhamdulillah! by the grace of Allah, I’ve made up till here and InSha Allah would also get the degree by next year. But a number of complexities; financial and others undisclosed could be an obstruction that could stall down the sync. Such incidents call for an alternative, a plan that could forsake all sorrows and difficulties associated with it.
Recently I’ve realized how important it is to be grateful, you learn that there are a lot of people who aren’t that privileged as you to have yourself associated with such a Great Institution, to have such good and always motivating teachers at your disposal, having the privilege to ride a bike to college instead of just having to struggle in buses or walk and above all parents and guardians that are wiling to sacrifice a lot for you.

Alhamdulillah! be positive and have your plan B as a backup in case if any disaster happens to occur. Here is what I feel, I should accomplish I were to have a year off
  1. With the grace of Allah, I’ve been offered jobs that pay fair enough to manage my expenses and it would be a great opportunity to work and earn and invest your own money for Learning.
  2. I feel that I’m lagging in communication skills and vocabulary, it would be a great venture for me to work on that sector and have a wholesome development.
  3. I have a few of my projects that demand a lot of time, which I could easy work on after having a year drop. Alhamdulillah! 3 research papers this year, InSha Allah the number would rise if only I could dedicate more time on it.
  4. Learning what I couldn’t as a full time student, I’m deeply interested in having knowledge of coding and developing systems. Having free time and funds (from the job) I could inSha Allah live the dream of a Programming Civil Engineer!
  5. Having deep desire to become a structural engineer, I could strive hard, learn software required for the designing buildings and if possible also land into an Internship finally leading to a job InSha Allah.
  6. Invest in having financial freedom, after having 365 days of free-time at my disposal I could pursue my long awaited desire of learning Stocks and Shares towards attaining financial freedom and no more dependencies.
  7. Read, read and read; recently I developed the addiction to reading (check out the read section on this blog for to know which books I read). This post possibly is a byproduct of my reading addiction.
  8. Loads of experimentation, having resources at disposal it could be simple to have better learning experiences.
  9. Focus on Blogging, this blogging also demands a lot of time and efforts, after having time It could be simply possible to put efforts and develop it into a complete professional looking website.
  10. Youtubing, the fun activity sometimes annoying though could have more of my time and could have greater and much better content into the web having more subscribers and more internet impact.
  11. …….the list could continue to infinity
   Even after having so much adventure available to enjoy before you have a debut as a Civil engineer on the hard construction environment, we feel there’s a huge loss; though having feelings of inferiority couldn’t be denied your friends and companions would all move on…

But then You have these two Guys! who got their degrees after establishing empires worth of billions

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates

So cheer up and be grateful of what you have, be positive and aim for the best.
It should be accounted that It is the Plan B that is followed by A; it is under no circumstances recommended that a year be missed or let down! As marked by Napoleon Hill, your desire for a thing determines its availability! have strong efforts to make Plan A a success because no matter how good looks plan B is a just a substitute, even though there a list of infinite items accomplishing them would be extremely difficult.
My plans might appear to be extremely adventurous and fun, but I keep plan B just to motivate myself and keep a positive mindset.

I wish to have your prayers!
Please remember me in your Duas! Ramadan Mubarak!
Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Accident Spots along KJEI–Chandni Chowk Road | 12 Identified Blackspots in Pune

“Accidents Happen, it is our Duty to ensure they don’t repeat”

A case study conducted by a group of B.E. Students studying in Department of Civil Engineering, Trinity College of Engineering and Research resulted in the 12 identified black spots on the route connecting KJEI campus and Chandni Chowk in Pune.
The route is most populated and often categorized as a highway along its section. Its almost like a route connecting important gateways that is the Chandni Chowk and Khadi Machine Chowk. Having such an important geological and logistical value this route certainly demands attention for maintenance and operation. The study done by the group involves the analysis of the previous records and physical survey of existing factors such as geometry, traffic conditions, peak hours and nature of traffic. The following is the report from their BE Project.
Lets begin by Defining:

Black Spot

In road safety management, an accident blackspot is a place where road traffic accidents have been historically found to be concentrated.
In simple terms, a place where too many accidents occurred in the past

Routing and Chainages

The route selected for the study was KJEI campus to Chandni Chowk via Katraj. This involved the Navale Bridge and Ambegoan road. The figure below shows the route details. The entire route was divided into sections of 500 m to facilitate simplicity in studies
Route and Chainage for Study

Identified Black spots

Conducting the analysis of the past records from Police Stations, Physical surveys and using analytical methods such as Accident Density Method and Weighted Severity Index Method the following points were identified as blackspots.
1) Yewalewadi
2) Khadi Machine
3) Gokul Nagar
4) Katraj Chowk
5) Datta Nagar
6) Beldare Petrol Pump
7) Vadgaon Bridge
8) End of Vadgaon Bridge
9) Mai Mangeshkar Hospital
10) RMD college
11) Dhukkar Khind
12) Chandani Chowk.
Identified Black Spots marked with red pins
Refer the image below, points are marked on the map.
The report below provides details on the complete case study, methodology and inferences from the study
The case study was published in the IJIRSET in the May, 2017 issue. titled as

“Accident Analysis & Blackspot Identification from Chandani Chowk to KJEI Campus, Pune – A case Study”

Click here to Download the Research Paper

Inferences from the study

  1. As the main focus of this project is accident analysis and identification of Black Spots on the route of Chandani Chowk to KJ’s Educational Institute, Pune. This route is having 20.0 KM length. This route includes Mumbai-Bangalore Highway (NH-48), Pune-Machilipatanam (NH-65) Highway.
  2. Number of educational institutes, temples, stops for construction workers  also exists on this route making it highly populated during the peak rush hours.
  3. The different sections on the route aren’t having uniform grading making it difficult to maintain the traffic flow uniformity.
  4. The nature of traffic, as this region receives heavy loaded vehicles that included large and oversized containers it adds up to risk. it has been concluded from the study that a number of accidents are associated with heavy vehicles.


Redesign of sections consisting of Black spot, it being a phenomenon that is primarily govern by the geometric structure of the road and the connecting links a modification in the geometry or by providing restrictions on traffic flow the accident risk can be lowered down. Further it is to be noted that traffic conditioning is required to maintain a smooth flow that won’t lead to hazards on account of Human errors. Its is our observed fact that in our country traffic calming agents which should be a object to calm the traffic and add safety to the transport system is not applied efficiently, our system lags in the efficient employment of these tools to regulate the flow. There are speed breakers placed which are in very bad conditions; oversized, not properly dressed, no prior indication, odd locations and these speed breakers also add up to the risk factors. The rising traffic and the risk associated with transport can be mitigated by the application of technology and advancement in the field of sciences, by employing technology to monitor and provide measure to manage traffic, by issuing strict traffic regulations the accident rate can be reduced.
The most important Among all is by training people about the hazards and how to be safe in such environments.

Scopes of Development

“Future is what you think it to be, Until it becomes the Present”

Being positive is the essence of developing good future, in an age where technology is dominating most of our activities, making it safe and comfortable soon would our roads be operated by the computers making it efficient in all directions. There could be algorithms developed that monitor traffic and predict solutions considering all parameters constraining traffic flow and also emergency situations.
It is to be taken into account that in the future the roads would be much safer that they are right now, if all security and safety measures are adopted. We would be travelling at a high speed with high safety standards that would be maintained by technology. Soon we’re approaching in the era of cars without any drivers which is said to be more safe as it eliminates the human errors and lags in reflexes require to prevent damages.

So thats’ all we’d wanted to share
Thanks for reading, we’d like to have your comments especially for scopes of development in this region that affects the lives of each one travelling on the roads.

Prof. Jitesh Dhule
Rutuja Gawade
Amol Pawar
Swapnil Borge
Nazim Ansari
Sayyed Shadaab

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